Doug Naugler Production Discography
P=Producer E=Engineer M=Mixer W=Writer/Co-Writer

Midnight Sun Kyprios P/E/M/W 8 TBA
Metal Chong Tommy Chong P/E/M 2 TBA
Gumbo Gaye Delorme E/M 10 TBA
Shocker (single) Shocore M/   TBA
This Old Barn (single) Don McLeod P/E/M   TBA
Slick Vicious Slick Vicious P/E/M/W   TBA
"forthcoming" Shawn Verrault E/ 2 TBA
"forthcoming" Desert Radio P/E/   TBA
"forthcoming" Blaming Taylor P/E/M/W 3 TBA
"forthcoming" Cindy Lou Potter P/E/M/W 5 TBA

It’s A Beautiful Future The Rebel Spell P/E/M/W   2011
The Ripple Effect Matiation P/E/M/W   2011
You Should See the Other Guys The Gastown Royals M/   2011

Sadder Days (single) Kyprios P/E/M/W   2010
City Woman (single) Kyprios E/M   2010
Last Night (single) Kyprios P/E/W   2010
Mass Undergoe Mass Undergoe P/E/M/W   2010
Last Night (single) Bodhi Jones P/E/   2010
Better Off Alone EP Jet Black Stare W/ 1 2010
Wasted (single) Carol Cox P/E/M/W   2010
Soundtrack Every 28 Days (film) P/E/M/W   2010
Raise the Cup Richard Klein E/ 8 2010
Forgotten St Vacant City P/E/M   2010

12:12 Kyprios P/E/M/W   2009
Water St Sweatshop Union P/E/M/W 1 2009
Fly (remix) (single) Jet Black Stare P/E/M   2009
Sherry St Germain Sherry St Germain W/ 2 2009
Lollipops and Hand Grenades The Truegoods P/E/M   2009

4 Songs About Freedom The Rebel Spell P/E/M   2008
Facebreaker (game) Electronic Arts P/E/W   2008
Life Ain't Hard Ray St Germain P/E/M/W 1 2008
Monkey Puzzle Tree James Thomas P/E/M   2008

Schmancey Todd Fancey W/ 1 2007
Not a Planet Don Alder P/E/M 1 2007
BP Brandon Price P/E/M   2007
Rani (single) Dal Dilvog P/E/M   2007

Days of Rage The Rebel Spell P/E/M   2006
Delorme Gaye Delorme P/E/M   2006
Perfect Ground Perfect Ground P/E/M/W   2006
EP 1 of 3 hybrahma P/E/M/W   2006
EP 2 of 3 hybrahma P/E/M   2006
EP 3 of 3 hybrahma P/E/M/W   2006
Sonic City Sonic City P/E/M 4 2006

Asleep at the Wheel Desert Radio P/E/M   2005
Acoustic Shadows Richard Klein P/E/M   2005

Todd Fancey Todd Fancey P/E/M/W   2004
Disasterpiece hybrahma P/E/M/W   2004
11 Ellie James P/E/M/W   2004
Fera Fera P/E/M   2004
Bitch Bitch Bitch Hector P/E/M   2004

Expression in Laymans Terms The Rebel Spell M/ l 2003
Emotion Has a Thousand Sons Mass Undergoe P/E/M   2003
Danielle Foulds Danielle Foulds P/E/M/W   2003
You Got an Alibi? Alibi E/M 5 2003
Closed Custody Closed Custody E/M 4 2003
Lesson 2 B Learned Kay Ramzes E/M 3 2003

Victorian Pork Victorian Pork P/E/M   2002
Painted Self Still Frame E/M   2002
Nine to Five Rock Bottom P/E/M   2002